Before the hundredth person asks me “why Arabic?”, here’s an answer: French seemed too easy. Ok, that sounds a little bit pretentious. The truth is, between knowing Italian and Spanish, I figured that going to Georgetown to learn French was not taking quite enough advantage of the opportunity I had and, frankly, I preferred Arabic to Chinese (it seemed fascinating and it has an alphabet at least!). Four semesters later, I realized I had a growing sympathy (ok, like/love) for Arabic and I not only confirmed that I was going to see this whole proficiency thing through, but also that I was going to live Arabic for as long as I could. Aka one whole semester in the near future.

Why Jordan? Well, for one there aren’t thaaaat many other options. Let’s be real: Georgetown isn’t exactly sending many students off to Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, etc., for a few reasons. I would have loved to go to Morocco, but I was also forewarned that I might pick up more French than Arabic there. Plus, most importantly, I learned that Jordanian Arabic is one of the more understandable dialects around.

That being said, I’m pretty sure my dad still believes I drew a slip of paper from a hat full of the countries where he told me I shouldn’t go. Granted, the list is pretty long, so I’m not sure that’s saying much.


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