DSCN1899Female. Twenty Years Old. Triathlete. Italian American or American Italian (who knows). Connoisseur of good food and baker of (generally) good dessert. Is there much more? I guess I go to Georgetown and I study Science, Technology, and International Affairs and I’m concentrating in Energy and the Environment and I will hopefully have a certificate in Arab Studies blah blah. That’s all much more mundane, isn’t it?

I like to think I’m exciting. Then I realize the highlights of my day are sitting at home reading a biography about the Pope (he is pretty awesome though). Perhaps the most thrilling part of my life is that I like to travel and have thus far been very blessed in that my parents (read: mom) enable and encourage me to travel as much as I can. It also helps when 90% of your family lives in a country across the Atlantic Ocean (and a hearty huzzah for Italy!).

My summer thus far has consisted of three classes, several tutees, one remote internship, a sort of half job with my mom, and lots of beautiful nothing*. But here’s three cheers to the start of my adventure: a month in Italy with un interrompo in Netherlands for a week, and then almost four months in Jordan with some travels in between and back to Italy for Christmas. See ya never America! Just kidding, I’m very attached to my home… In sum, I’ll finally be trying to take the quintessential college advice: carpe diem (can you tell I just watched Dead Poets’ Society?).

*I just want to take a moment to say that if I am ever accused of doing nothing, it should be immediately reported to my mother, who will be thrilled to learn that I have taken her advice (and will probably say I wasn’t doing enough nothing)


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